If you are seeking competent and professional translation and interpreting services, then we are the contact partner you are looking for.

The team at Competent Translation is headed by two qualified translators, who have accumulated many years of professional experience as both translators and interpreters. Founded in Germersheim, Germany, home of the reputed FTSK language university, our company is globally active and our clientele is comprised of small and medium-sized international companies, private individuals, as well as clients actively involved in political spheres. We have a strict confidentiality policy, but would gladly provide you with appropriate references by request.     

We conduct business with a vast, international network of qualified and experienced translators and interpreters allowing us to guarantee high quality and professional language services. We place the utmost importance on professionally motivated and technically competent language experts.  Our translators and interpreters have extensive qualifications and professional experience, have been handpicked and were critically tested for competence and professionalism before joining our team.    

Our clients are at the heart of all of our endeavors. We value partnership and teamwork and are always focused completely on your professional needs.

Send us your text or interpreting enquiry via e-mail, standard mail or fax and we will send you a non-binding price quote quickly and conveniently.


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